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Isabelle Vuong, foresight, future thinking, prospective


I'm Isabelle Vuong, designer and facilitator
of foresight processes and art curator.

Our visions of the future have the power
to change how we act today.

Let's develop together your skills
for thinking and imagining futures!

Together we can

Renew your imaginaries of the future, re-imagine the future
Kite in the Sky

Renew your
of the future

enhance your competences in future thinking

Enhance your competences in
future thinking

My Approach

Your needs

My Approach

Your needs

In my practice, I draw on a recent orientation of futures research towards possible and speculative futures.

My approach combines
foresightstrategic vision & scenario, UNESCO Futures Literacy, Myths of the future, CLA, Future Wheel, 3 Horizons, etc. – with narrative analysis and contributions from cultural theory, anthropology and sociology.


  You may want my support for:

  • your vision and strategy development

  • your socio-ecological transformation process

  • your conference or network meeting

  • your team building exercise

  • your (continuous) education program

  • your community empowerment program

  • your (citizen) participatory process

Renew you imaginaries
Le Douanier Rousseau 1891 for Workshop Myths of the future Isabelle Vuong

Are  you  looking  to  renew

your imaginaries of

the future?

I can help you imagine original, alternative stories of the future that will offer you experiential knowledge of processes

of transformation in your field of activity. 
You will then also begin to consider new courses of action today that will help move your organisation or community towards truly desirable and alternative futures.


Would you like to enrich your competences in future thinking?

I can help you capture different perspectives on the future and engage

with them appropriately.


What you gain is a competence in future thinking that you can put to use in all circumstances.

Discover here my 'Introduction to future thinking' and some of my teachings at Universities or lectures in art contexts.

Enhance competences
Grand_Genève Great Geneva Region ecological transition 2050 scenarios

Are you looking to develop original futures for your organisation?

I support your organisation or community in its vision, strategy or socio-ecological process with foresight workshops that address assumptions about the future and how change occurs, so that together we develop your own transformative vision for the future.


In the socio-ecological field, I combine intersectional approaches such as the SDGs and the Doughnut Model with games and climate simulations.

Check here how I supported the University of Lausanne's with its ecological Transition Assembly and the Greater Geneva region with its socio-ecological action plan.

Craft original futures
« The workshop was great, the whole team is delighted! »

Nelly Niwa, Director of the Competence Centre for Sustainability (CCD) at the University of Lausanne, about the Futures Literacy Workshop organised for the CCD team.

Isabelle Vuong Polytechnical University Lausanne EPFL Workshop Futures Literacy

My goal is to help you unlock
your imaginative potential,
navigate uncertainty, expand
your understanding of the future
– in order to become more aware
of emergence and opportunities
in the current and future environment.

Together, we can create original and shared
futures that empower your organisation,
your community, or your institution.

Clients and collaborations

Check my work in the field of sustainable & socio-cultural futures from 2019 on:

You have a specific question or need?
You want to book one of my workshops?
Or you are not sure what you are looking for?

Contact me for a first exchange
and let's see if I can help you!

+41 79 138 04 35

+49 177 522 19 86

Each of our actions today is determined by our more or less conscious
visions of the future.
By questioning and renewing
our way of seeing the future,
we discover new ways of acting in the present.

A question? A remark? Want to collaborate?
Drop me a line!

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