The report ‘Dance Promotion in Switzerland – Panorama 2017’ is out!

This report, to which I have largely contributed (co-conception, data collection and analysis, co-redaction), has just been published by the National Cultural Dialogue which brings together representative of cities, cantons and the Confederation. For the first time, the conditions in the Swiss dance sector, still insufficient despite many efforts made in recent years, are confirmed by statistical data collected from more than 60 funding bodies and as many dance venues and festivals.

This report thus represents an important milestone for dance policy in Switzerland and will lead to the formulation of recommendations for improving and consolidating dance promotion. I am therefore very happy to contribute with this mandate to the development of an artistic discipline which is dear to my heart.

National Cultural Dialogue – Bern, 30.08.2019 Read the original press communique in French | German | Italian Publication of an inventory of dance promotion in Switzerland The National Cultural Dialogue is publishing for the first time a state-of-the-art report on the public promotion of dance in Switzerland. This document will serve as a basis for the elaboration of development measures. The publication “Dance Promotion in Switzerland – Panorama 2017” documents significant advances in the dance field in recent years. Swiss dance is receiving increased attention and cultural services are more aware of its specific needs. But the publication also points to difficulties, particularly with regard to independent companies, which nonetheless stand at the heart of contemporary dance creation. In the authors’ opinion, these companies are too rarely supported by multi-year contracts, which makes it difficult to sustain work over time and makes their situation more precarious. According to the publication, more funds should also be invested in touring promotion to better exploit the dance productions. The report also addresses the situation of theatres and festivals. Often endowed with insufficient financial resources, they cannot, according to the authors, satisfactorily perform their important function of hosting and co-producing shows by independent companies. On the basis of this assessment, the formulation of recommendations for the consolidation and improvement of nationally coordinated dance promotion will be examined.

The National Cultural Dialogue was established in 2001. It brings together representatives for cultural promotion at the political and administrative levels of the Confederation, the cantons and cities. The political authorities form the strategic steering body, composed of the head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA), representatives of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors of Public Education (CDIP), the Union of Swiss Cities (UVS) and the Association of Swiss Municipalities (ACS). Its activities are based on a 2011 convention and a 2016-2020 work programme, which foresees the drawing up of the present report.

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