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Positioning study of cultural center Usine à gaz in Nyon after infrastructure extension

What are the needs and what is a strategy for the cultural center Usine à gaz and its new infrastructure situated between the two important artistic and cultural poles of Geneva and Lausanne?

The present study commissioned by the City of Nyon and the Region of Nyon provides orientations and recommendations on potential artistic positioning, governance models and financial sustainability for such an infrastructural project. The study findings build notably upon a comparison of cultural policies between a dozen equivalent cities, and of practices among 25 music and theatre venues, in the Lake Geneva region and beyond.

City of Nyon & Region of Nyon – Nyon, 4.07.19 Read the full press communique and download the report in French here. The study examines the integration of the future Usine à Gaz into the landscape of the venues of the Lake Geneva region (theatres and music venues), the complementarities and singularities that it may develop in order to position itself as a unique and attractive venue in relation to the existing offer, as well as the possible management and governance models for this cultural centre in the making, located between Geneva and Lausanne. The study also provides valuable indications on the relationship between guest and coproduced performances and on the interest of developing artists’ residencies in view of the possibilities offered by the future location. (...) The Municipality of Nyon commends the quality, seriousness and relevance of the investigations carried out. At stake for the City of Nyon and Region of Nyon was the need to have a framework document to move towards the reopening of the Usine à Gaz, scheduled for Spring 2021. The results of this study are of interest both to the district’s political authorities and to the Usine à Gaz association, which will launch the process of recruiting its management in the second half of July 2019. They highlight the full potential of the future Usine à Gaz.

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