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Workshop: What is sustainability? A typological exploration

Workshop: "What is sustainability? A typological exploration,"

15 June 2022, Museum Burghalde Lenzburg


As part of this year's art mediators' network meeting organised by Kultur macht Schule of Canton of Aargau on the topic of sustainability, I give a workshop: "What is sustainability? A typological exploration".

In this workshop, we familiarise ourselves with the distinction between mitigation, adaptation and transformation measures and dream of more sustainable futures for the cultural sector.

I build on the knowledge of the participants to identify some of the most common sustainability measures in the cultural sector, and analyse their benefits and disadvantages for the main stakeholders.

We then draw a distinction between measures that address the consequences (CO2 emissions) or the root causes (productivism, consumerism, values, ...) of unsustainable structures and operating modes

in the field of independant cultural production.

This helps us distinguish between mitigation and, in part, adaptation (consequences) on the one hand, and adaptation and transformation (causes) on the other hand. On this basis, we can reflect on what might constitute transformative initiatives addressing the root causes of today's insufficiently sustainable structures and modes of cultural production. And dream of more sustainable futures for the cultural sector.

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