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Unlocking the Future of Cash: Scenario Workshop at EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS)

25.11.24, Cape Town, South Africa, 2024 EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS), organised by Currency Research

Method: Scenario building


Unlocking the Future of Cash: Navigating Trends and Challenges in a more uncertain 2030 World

This session offers a unique opportunity to explore the cash cycle's global trends through 2030 while building the strategic foresight skills required to navigate uncertainties ahead. 

Join us and leverage the latest insights from the IMF, World Bank, AfDB, ECB, etc. to draw strategic lessons for the cash industry at the turn of the decade.


We will delve in the complexities of a more contested and climate-impacted world of 2030, marked by likely renewed economic protectionism and regionalisation efforts, increased regulatory scrutiny and better understood climate- and nature-related financial risks, aggressive digital competitors and rapid advances in AI and post-quantum cryptography. 


Using strategic foresight's scenario method, we will examine how the intersections of a more crisis-prone environment, economic volatility, cyber risks, together with evolving consumers' expectations and a fast moving digital payments landscape will likely reshape cash uses and perceptions in the EMEA region, while creating new challenges and opportunities for cash management efficiency and forecasting.


Led by a foresight specialist, the workshop is tailored to the make-up of the participants, with an emphasis on networking and learning across regional contexts. 


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