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Teaching at EPFL Climate and Sustainability Action Week

Workshop “(Re)Framing Futures Imaginaries”

EPFL Climate and Sustainability Action Week (CSAW),

Lausanne, 14.09.21, in English

Methods: Map of the future in the space, Myths of the future, aspects of Futures Literacy

photo © Lucie Castella CSAW


This workshop for the EPFL and University of Lausanne students aimed at deconstructing popular imaginaries of the future and building alternative imaginaries towards a sustainable future.

We started by getting aware of popular western “Myths of the future“. Building on these, we then experienced with different possible futures with the Futures Literacy method from UNESCO.

Today we learned about the myths and imaginaries of our society through an interactive workshop around alternatives futures and how to bring those ideas back to our engagement today. A big thank to Isabelle Vuong who animated this workshop!

The EPFL Climate and Sustainability Action Week Team


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