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Online Futures Literacy Workshop: "What could a sustainable everyday life look like in the future?"

Future Literacy Workshop: "What could a sustainable everyday life look like in the future?"

Saturday, 22 January 2022, 1 to 6 pm, online with Zoom, in German

An event by Open Futures in cooperation with KOSMOS Kultur Zurich.


Have you ever wondered what your everyday life might look like in the next few decades?

How do you think about the future?

What does sustainability mean to you?

In this future workshop based on the Futures Literacy UNESCO Method, we explore these questions together.

We develop creative ideas for a sustainable and fulfilling future in Zurich and beyond. We exchange ideas in small groups, share and reflect on our results regularly in plenary.


The "Futures Literacy" Method

The workshop follows the method of "Futures Literacy", which is used and promoted by UNESCO as a learning method to deepen and broaden participants' future literacy.

The Futures Literacy method is based on an experiential approach that mobilises the creativity and collective intelligence of the participants. It stimulates our imagination by inviting us to look at the future from different perspectives.

In the course of this process, our understanding of the potential of the future expands and we begin to see possibilities we had not yet identified in the present. This method thus expands each person's potential to imagine visions of the future and leads to a capacity to act within the fundamental uncertainty of the future.

The approach proposed by Futures Literacy is thus part of the recent paradigm shift in the field of futures studies, which replaces the desire to know the future with the ability to act and seize present opportunities in all circumstances. Without being constrained by predefined goals, beliefs or assumptions.

Come with us on the path to a sustainable future and let us surprise you!

For whom?

The Future Workshop will be held in German and is aimed at a broad audience (15 to 60 people) - no previous knowledge is required!


Registration via KOSMOS. Admission: CHF 50 / CHF 20 reduced

Online access:

Access data will be emailed to registered participants before the workshop.


Isabelle Vuong and Leander Dalbert

Isabelle Vuong is a cultural manager and curator. She also completed a Master's degree in Futures Studies at the Freie Universität of Berlin in 2020. She is the initiator of the cultural initiative Open Futures.

Leander Dalbert studied physical geography, politics, philosophy and economics in New Zealand and Germany. He is co-founder of Boimig. Boimig organises cooking events, dialogues, harvest and plant outreaches with consumers and producers to promote regenerative agriculture based on trees and perennial crops. He won the Grand Prix Bio Suisse 2020 with his Hazelburger, a product that combines an entire cultivation and distribution system: it is made from local natural plant protein sources and supports the integration of a healthy perennial crop into the Swiss food system.


Open Futures in collaboration with KOSMOS

Support: Stadt Zürich – Umwelt- und Gesundheitsschutz


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