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«Salon Fütür» with Club La Fafa @ Gessnerallee in November 2021

The «Salon Fütür» is a co-creation between Gessnerallee, Club La Fafa and Open Futures.

An event of Gessnerallee Zürich in collaboration with Open Futures,

on 20 & 27 November 2021


How does our own present shape the way we think about the future?

In the «Salon Fütür», Club La Fafa invites everyone to sit together, eat together and talk to each other about our visions of the future. Special dishes, carpets and an insightful game about the future with a special floor map will help us. The Gessnerallee becomes a place full of stories of the future.

Photos: © Nicolas Bruni

Club La Fafa is an association of cultural workers and people from various professions with migration and refugee experience. They meet regularly at different places in the city to exchange questions, experiences and everyday knowledge.

Club La Fafa & Associates: Nadja Baldini, Hicham El Khemisi, Rahimullah Mohammadi, Ali Omar, Raphael Perret, Jawed Stanikzai, Jana Vanecek & Nassim, Yaqoob Attal, Ismael Azimi, Füsun Ipek, Rada Leu, Alicia Velazquez

Please register for the event by email: Subject: Salon Fütür.

There is a maximum of 50 seats.

Tickets can be collected at the box office. You pay as much as you like: 5/10/15 or more.

Admission with certificate only.


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