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Keynote & Workshop Session at International Future Tech Summit 2024

International Future Tech Summit 2024   

19.11.24, 10 am – 6 pm, Frankfurt am Main

Focus Areas: Internationalization – Future Research – Digitalization – Artificial Intelligence


International Future Tech Summit 2024   

The FutureTech Summit 2024 brings together leading IT companies from Germany, France, Switzerland, and across Europe to discuss the future of international business, artificial intelligence, process optimization, and growth strategies.

The main goal of the event is to provide a platform for intercultural exchange and cooperation to promote collaboration across borders and develop innovative solutions for future challenges.

The event will be conducted in English and will include keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.

Each participating company will have the opportunity to present its expertise and experiences and learn from the experiences of other participants. The focus and main objective are interactive exchange and cooperation.


Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome by Michael Mattis, CEO Silicon Valley Europe

  • Introduction of special guests and keynotes

Keynote Speeches 

  • Internationalization - Represented by Christelle Damiens, Managing Director and Founder of Exportia Australia

  • Future Research - Isabelle Vuong, Professional Futures Specialist

  • Digitalization - (tbc)

  • Artificial Intelligence -  (tbc)

Panel Discussions

  • International Business: Challenges and Opportunities Across Borders

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Breakout Sessions

  • Workshops on Specific Topics

  • Internationalization

  • Future Research

  • Digitalization

  • Artificial Intelligence

Networking and Collaboration

  • Networking lounges for informal discussions and partnership formation

Conclusion and Outlook

  • Summary of key insights and next steps for future collaborations

  • Joint Dinner

Registration and Participation:

Registration to participate in the International FutureTech Summit 2024


  • €799 for the first participant from a company

  • €299 for each additional participant from a company

The International FutureTech Summit 2024 promises to be an inspiring and productive event, contributing to shaping the future of the IT industry in Europe and fostering cross-border cooperation.


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