Let's practice futures together!

As a graduate futurist and a curator in the cultural field, I am committed to plural futures, in line with a new orientation of foresight.

My approach integrates foresight methods (Futures Literacy, 3 Horizons, Dicipline of Anticipation, speculation, ...) and narrative analysis methods from the field of foresight, cultural theory and sociology (Causal Layered Analysis, Myths of the future, Reframing technics ...).

Are you looking to renew your imaginations of the future?

I can help you develop alternative narratives of the future that open up new avenues for action in the present.

Are you looking to enrich your understanding and use of the future?

I can help you to capture different perspectives on the future and engage with them appropriately.

To support you in the process, I offer tailored workshops and foresight methods.

Workshops and courses

Teaching and foresight processes